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pretty-goodKate Pell – principal teacher and founder of the Bowral Yoga Studio. 0432 598 582

Kate has been exploring the art of Yoga in all seriousness since a journey to India in 1989.

She has studied the art of physical alignment through many years of rigorous Iyengar training, as well as completing Sivananda Yoga and Kundalini teacher with Joy Spencer, contemporary teacher training studies with Donna Farhi and Siddha Yoga studies in the philosophies of Kashmir Shiviasm. She began teaching Yoga in 1998 and it became her full time occupation in 2000. Kate has offered Yoga Teacher Training courses since 2006 due to the insistence of her students.

She has a passionate interest in the body/ heart / mind connections and as such trained to become a Shiatsu therapist in 1991/2.

Kate’s first classes began in the northern suburbs of Melbourne before moving to Brisbane where she opened three studios; having a busy life teaching and training teachers. Kate also began hosting teachers from around the world, including Neeta Datta, Allan Goode, Clive Sheridan, Donna Farhi, Simon Borg-Olivier, Pixie Lilas, Shandor Remete and her two main Iyengar yoga teachers Sue and Peter Scott.

Kate is a passionate Vipassana meditation practitioner and will be embarking on honing her skills as a meditation teacher by offering specific classes for meditation at the Bowral Yoga studio.

Kate opened the Bowral Yoga Studio in June 2012 and has built the studio into a great place for everyone to come and practice Yoga with love and contentment.

She is presently embarking on a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Western Sydney and hopes to incorporate these skills into her teaching.


Chris Hurdich 0414 948 186

Yoga has been a major part of Chris’s life for the past 40 years. She commenced teaching in the Southern Highlands in 1998 and has been holding classes in Moss Vale and Bowral every since.

Over the years she has continued to enhance her knowledge of yoga and is at present finishing a Certificate Course in Yoga Therapy which will enable her to work individually with clients using the techniques and philosophy of yoga to encourage healing and a return to wholeness. Chris teaches a Hatha style of yoga incorporating guided relaxation, pranayama and asanas to gently open and strengthen the physical body while helping to bring about a sense of calm and balance to the mental and emotional body.

Chris teaches a General class at Bowral Yoga Studio on Thursday evenings at 5.45p.m.

DominiqueDominique Marill 0421 762 236

Dominique has been studying and practicing yoga for over 23 years, teaching for 14 years. She has explored many facets in the field of yoga, trained in Iyengar [certified], Dru and lastly Anusara. she is drawing from all her experiences to bring a style which is precise and comprehensive with an endearing sense of humour. She encourages people to move in a way which is safe, intelligent and meaningful. The principals of alignment which she uses will allow you to understand and experience within your own body how to support yourself with ease and strength as you go into each posture in a way that allows you to push your own boundaries at your own pace. This way of practicing brings you back to yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally and therefore creates a more integrated way to be in the world. It has taught her how to be in life in a way which is more real, has brought her an inner peace and an ability to be present easily, that she profoundly enjoys sharing with others. Her desire is to help people remember where their true power is, so that they can live a more integrated and meaningful life.

She offers you the support of her experience to let your individual grace express itself. Her style is casual, down to earth and has everybody feeling comfortable.

Melinda Sutcliffe 0435 836 415Melinda Sutcliffe

Melinda began her personal yoga journey in 1995 and has been teaching since 2014.  She has worked with private clientele, corporate groups, and taught at a number of studios whilst living abroad. She certified in Canada with Emerson Lim of Karma Teachers, assisted with teacher training as faculty, and studied with Rodney and Colleen Yee (Iyengar), Bernie Clark (Yin), Felicia Pavlovic (Yoga Therapy Toronto), amongst others.  Trained in Vinyasa (flow), Yin, and Restorative yoga, she is a level 1 RYT.

Melinda is interested in the science of yoga, and its therapeutic use as a tool for renewing and rebalancing ourselves. Melinda believes yoga is a personal journey of acceptance, learning to listen to our bodies and learning to be at peace with who and what we are.  “When I teach, I am helping you to find your own expression: your breath, your asana, your mindfulness.”

Lisa GrimshawLisa Grimshaw 0406 264 853

Lisa has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, exploring different styles and teaching in that time, gaining her teaching qualification in 2015 after completing her training with Kate Pell. She teaches a Hatha style of yoga, encouraging students to connect with their breath to fully experience the subtleties of yoga asana.

Lisa is interested in the power of the mind to influence physical health, and the use of meditation and pranayama to help quieten the mind and allow the body to heal. She believes that connecting with the body helps to focus attention inwards, allowing the mind to become still and the deeper consciousness to emerge. “By drawing attention to the state of the physical body, the breath, and the mind at any given point in time, we can work towards peace, tranquility and acceptance.”



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